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With the best will in the world, damage can occur to paintings for several reasons.

Accidents can cause holes or tears in a canvas and, with age, paint can crack - especially if a painting is hung in a position that suffers from any direct sunlight. Sometimes a painting just needs the wooden frame to be stretched out slightly.

There is no reason why any of these issues can't be rectified. Although the nature of painting means that no product can be guaranteed once it leaves my possession I would hate to think of any of my past works languishing in the back of a cupboard because they've suffered damage that can be repaired!

Therefore, if anyone who owns one of my canvases would be interested in having it repaired, please, please don't hesitate to send me an email or text so we can start a discussion about how to get it back to me so I can quote for a repair. Depending on what's needed, this could range from zero - nought, rien, nada! - for some simple touch-ups to the paint to a few pounds for a tear or puncture to the canvas. Of course, a painting that has been "shredded" by someone's pet leopard will be somewhat trickier :-)