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Since taking the stall on Colchester Market, the number of commissions I'm receiving has increased as people stop to browse and chat, then realise that a painting of a family member or pet makes a fantastic, unique gift.

The cost of a commission is very dependent on the subject, content, size and complexity of the desired result. However, I use the following prices as a rough guide, with the proviso that "we need to talk"

Canvas size
Cost (approx)
/sq in

10 x 14 (25 x 35 cm)


12 x 16 (30 x 40 cm)


14 x 18 (35 x 46 cm)


16 x 20 (30 x 50 cm)


If you are thinking about booking a commission, bear in mind that time gets ever more precious as we approach Christmas. At the time of writing (end Sept) I'd recommend booking no later than mid November for a Christmas delivery. If that changes, I'll let you know when we talk!

I've created a couple of gallery pages that are relevant to my commission work :-

1) the commissions gallery (....obviously!).

Not all of my commission work is portrayed here. Sometimes the client asks for all image rights, which will increase the cost since I use the ongoing sale of prints and cards from some of my most beautiful commissions to subsidise the cost of the original work. However, much of what you see here is representative.

2) the original photo's gallery.

In here are the original photos that I worked from, and the painting that was the final result. Some are quite literal, while some are much more of an interpretation. Never-the-less, if you'd like me to quote for a commission feel free to contact me via the contact form and I'll endeavour to reply back as soon as possible. Once we've established e-mail communications you can send me the image or images that you'd like me to work from and I'll send you an estimate.

Jane   xx